Thematic Areas

Middle School Initiative

"Middle School in the Waldorf School,” an initiative group of the Pedagogical Section and the International Forum for Waldorf/ Steiner Education, has been working together for two years. The aim of the group is to explore current approaches to the development and methodology of the Middle School.

"International Teacher Education Project" (ITEP)

Today and in the future we need people who adapt Steiner's educational impulse to their own culture and implement it in a contemporary way. The project 'Teach the Teachers' by the Pedagogical Section and the International Forum for Steiner/Waldorf Education (Hague Circle) addresses this issue.

Cooperation and Support

The project 'Coperative Support' gives kindergartens and schools the opportunity to ask for support in the start-up phase or in the care of new colleagues.

The First Teachers Course Today

The project of the Pedagogical Section „The First Teachers Course Today" contains three levels of access. 1. How can we recognize the human being with the help of the basics of the First Teacher Course? 2. How to transfer the basic work through the teachers to the school and the classroom and vice versa? 3. How can one's own perception be trained and the effect of this practice be reflected on the First Teacher Course?