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Cooperation and Support

The project 'Cooperation and Support' gives kindergartens and schools opportunities to ask for support in the start-up phase, or in inducting new colleagues and caring for them. The task is to develop collegial support as a form of self-help in Waldorf schools. All over the world, experienced colleagues involved in daily practice are available at certain times, or perhaps in a sabbatical year, to offer advice and provide support through observation and discussion. In addition to the experience gained in professional life, a capacity for social awareness is of great importance here. This project is not about teaching knowledge. A good contact with the school and an understanding of the local environment and social conditions must be established so that trust can be built through an intensive relationship with the people on the ground. This trust leads to a cooperation that enables mutual assistance and can lead to healthy professional and school development. Already, we are seeing positive signs of this work where the development of quality in schools is being supported.

Contact: Dorothee Prange, T +41/61 706 43 15, dorothee.prange(at)