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«Voices of a humane education»

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Focus on reform pedagogues of the 20th century.

Rudolf Steiner was not the only one to call for a change in pedagogy in the 20th century. It was no longer the rules of church and state that were to be decisive for the teachers of the time, but the nature of the child. The methods and contents of the living and learning conditions were to be newly developed from the child's understanding.

Under the title «Voices of a humane pedagogy», the Pedagogical Section presents nine such reform pedagogues. These are Henryk Goldszmit alias Janusz Korczak, Emmi Pikler, Martin Buber, Paulo Freire, Edouard Claparède, Celestin Freinet, Denis de Rougemont, Adolphe Ferrière and Maria Montessori.


Here you can find all published videos of the lecture series:

  • 21. Juni 2022: Micaela Mecocci, Lecturer and teacher for Montessori education, about Maria Montessori, Lecture cancelled
  • 3. Mai 2022: Henri Louis Go, University of Lothringen, about Celestin Freinet, video follows
  • 18. Januar 2022: «Copernican Turn in Pedagogy»: Philipp Reubke, Head of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum, about Adolphe Ferrière, Edouard Claparède und Denis de Rougemont (subtitle in English, duration of the video: 54 min.)
  • 16. November 2021: «Each child, a star»: Tomas Zdrazil, Professor of Education at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart, about Janusz Korczak (subtitle in English, duration of the video: 53 min.)
  • 5. Oktober 2021: «Pedagogy of the Oppressed»: Jonas Bach, Professor of Philosophy at the University Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, and Constanza Kaliks, Head of the Pedagogical Section, about Paulo Freire (subtitle in English, duration of the video: 35 min.)
Six of the nine great reform pedagoguesSix of the nine great reform pedagogues.
Programme of the lecture series.Programme of the lecture series.