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How do children master the future?

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School as a place for resilience development. A contribution by Ioana Viscrianu.

The growing awareness of the challenges of today's society, along with the impacts of related crises, in terms of inequality, injustice and mental health issues, lead to the need to develop abilities as a young person in order to be able to act in a future world.

Increasingly, research and practical approaches put a focus on building resilience, understood as a process of dynamic interplay between the self and the environment.

School, as a place of development, can make a decisive contribution to the development of resources that are conducive to resilience. To this end, research projects are needed to identify and describe teachers' competences and the learning conditions that are needed in the contemporary context. Following this, practical tools need to be developed as a basis for teaching.

Here you can find the full scientific article «Education for an unpredictable future - resilience-promoting school» by Ioana Viscrianu.




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