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Option for screen-free kindergartens and primary schools

Created by Philipp Reubke | |   Aktuelles
For some years now, well-founded statements by Waldorf teachers concerning meaningful media education have been published time and again.* In short, in summary First of all getting to know the real world and developing trust in oneself and the world through real sensory experience, then laying the foundation for self-competence and social competence through indirect media education and finally developing an understanding of how the various media work and how to deal with them sensibly through direct media education. 

Parents and education policy-makers often lack the awareness that the first two steps are crucial for autonomous and competent handling of digital media. Therefore, there are always tendencies to introduce direct media education in kindergarten. In Sweden this has now become compulsory. This is a measure which is neither useful for media literacy nor for children's health.

The Alliance for Humane Education is working to maintain choice for screen-free kindergartens and primary schools. The initiators have asked us to refer to the petition again at this point.  By the end of the year, they would like to collect 100,000 signatures throughout Europe.

Hence the cordial request to disseminate them in their working context and to display them at events. 

After all, it is about nothing more and nothing less than the preservation of a free educational and cultural life in the digital age. It is about the question of how far from the fields of economics and politics compulsion can be exerted on the way children and young people develop. In this context, the current BBC study on screen time and its mental consequences for children is also interesting:

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