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«Celebrations of a human-centered Pedagogy»

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Speeches on 100 years of Steiner's education courses.

The Pedagogical Section and the General Anthroposophical Section held a two-part series of lectures on Rudolf Steiner's courses in education. These courses were milestones and in a certain way also «celebrations of a new art of education». They were marked by the future, by light, confidence and élan. Steiner gave the lectures 100 years ago, from 1921 to 1924. These were the last years of his public work.

The leaders of the Pedagogical Section, Constanza Kaliks and Philipp Reubke, as well as the leader of the General Anthroposophical Section, Peter Selg, gave stimulating interactive lectures at the Goetheanum on Steiner's educational courses. These were on selected aspects of the courses relating to the human being (Reubke), on some references to current challenges in education (Kaliks) and on the context and intentions of Rudolf Steiner (Selg).

Here you will find the video contributions of the lectures:

  • 25 June 2022: «The healthy development of the human being. Christmas Course for Teachers»
  • 3 September 2022: «The spiritual ground of education. Spiritual values in education and social life»
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