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Teaching profession a relationship profession. New qualities in relationships possible?

Created by Florian Osswald | |   Distance Learning
We find ourselves living in an extraordinary situation. In many parts of the world, work and private life have changed out of all recognition in the last few days. Many things seem to be uncertain and unpredictable. We are all now called to be very open and flexible, and to find inner strength and power.

As teachers let us help to stem the spread of the coronavirus. The teaching profession is a relationship profession par excellence. The quality of relationships is fundamental, but at the moment, the pathways and channels of relating are limited.


But there are also new qualities in relationships. It seems as if the need for community and solidarity is constantly seeking new ways of fulfilment, especially in times of crisis. The willingness to make the best out of unexpected circumstances together, generates creative ideas. Many institutions have switched to online operations within a very short time.


The great commitment, the strong cohesion and the creativity in the search for solutions, in addition to the care duties at home, are impressive.


The online mode allows us to discover numerous new possibilities for digital media. However, the limits of digitalisation are also becoming apparent, and it must not be forgotten that the physical, human presence of the teacher will continue to be the linchpin of a beneficial relationship between teachers and students, both in kindergarten and in school.