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Congratulations to Ida Oberman!

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Alanus University has awarded Oberman the title of «Senior Research Fellow» in recognition of her educational work.

Alanus University in Alfter near Bonn has honoured Ida Oberman's commitment to both educational practice and research by awarding her the title of «Senior Research Fellow».

Dr. Ida Oberman, Waldorf teacher and educational scientist, will thus also become a member of the faculty of education at Alanus University. She is already closely connected with the faculty through joint research projects and teaching.

Among other things, Oberman founded the Waldorf School «Community School for Creative Education» in Oakland, California, and led it until her retirement last year. The Waldorf school is located in a hotspot neighbourhood near San Francisco and is mainly attended by children with an immigrant background. The school, which has won many awards, is known for its educational work.

The ceremony took place on 26 May 2023.

Ida Oberman next to Jost Schieren (left), Hans Hutzel (Alanus Foundation Board Member) and Hans-Joachim Pieper (far right). Photo: AlanusIda Oberman next to Jost Schieren, Dean of the University's Faculty of Education (left), Hans Hutzel (Alanus Foundation Board Member) and Hans-Joachim Pieper, Rector of the University (far right). Photo: Alanus