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Postponed! Goetheanum Adult Education program (GAEP)

• Challenges • Paradigms

For trainers, educators and instructors in anthroposophic professional and vocational programs

View the GAEP program details document here


19th – 22nd May 2021

Modeling ways to address development and karma


1st - 4th June 2022

Modeling ways to address Goetheanism and Steiner’s perspective on Christ

(Module I & II are designed as a unity but can be attained separately)



Anthroposophy and anthroposophic initiatives, now in the second century after their inauguration, find themselves in a changed world. What they can contribute to meeting the challenges of this world has become more relevant and accessible. At the same time the awareness of contexts and the longing for personalized learning paths and authentic learning experiences calls for new approaches in anthroposophic adult education.

What knowledge and capabilities does the next generation of colleagues and leaders in anthroposophic institutions bring with them and what essential knowledge would allow them to guide their institutions into the future? It is challenging and rewarding to relate this knowledge and these capabilities to the tension between established anthroposophic practices, current academic research findings, and the ideas, exercises and practices suggested by Rudolf Steiner. This work takes place within contemporary discourses and challenges such as digital change, state accreditation, the heritage of colonialism, interreligious dialogue and gender mainstreaming – to name only a few.

All of this calls for professional development and exchange between adult educators in anthroposophic professional trainings and professional development programs. With the Goetheanum Adult Education Program (GAEP) we invite you to share your experience and knowledge with colleagues from around the world, to learn from other professional adult educators in practical exercises and to lay the foundations of a network for fostering the further development of anthroposophy and anthroposophic initiatives.

We warmly welcome you to the Goetheanum

Jean-Michel Florin, Matthias Girke, Constanza Kaliks, Stefan Langhammer, Edda Nehmiz, Florian Osswald, Robin Schmidt


WE AIM TO…... create a network and a platform for adult educators in anthroposophic professional training and professional development:ּּ

  • share, reflect and give feedback on practical examples of teaching settings (such as presentations, seminars and exercises)

  • face contemporary challenges in teaching anthroposophy today

  • present best practice examples, paradigms and new findings in methods and theory of adult education

  • foster further collegial exchange and collaboration


...instructors in anthroposophic professional and vocational programs, such as Anthroposophic Medicine, Steiner Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, artistic training and so on who are looking for an exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices and professional development in how to teach and mediate anthroposophy in contemporary ways.


... your contributions out of your own questions and expertise will build the heart of the program. We would therefore like to invite you to share your core questions in anthroposophic adult education and your interests, experiences and current challenges in teaching the themes of development and karma: what approaches or methods have been successful and what obstacles have you come across? We will design the afternoon colloquium based on the aspects of your practice that you share in step 2 of the application process.

All participants are invited to bring longer or shorter contributions to the colloquium. Depending on the number of contributions and their length, we may also organize parallel sessions that focus on specific themes.


Module I - 19th – 22nd May 2021 Module II - 1st - 4th June 2022


CHF 560, - (per module, tuition fee only, meals and accomodation are not included, limited scholarships available)


English (main language), peer-support in Spanish, German, Portuguese and French


Certificate of Participation


Detailed information about the application process:


Goetheanum, School of Spiritual Science Dornach - Basel, Switzerland


The application consists of a CV detailing educational and professional development as well as personal interests, a passport sized photo, the completed contact form and an application letter.  

In the application letter please provide some information about what moved you to consider the Adult Education Program. 

Is the application approved by the team responsible for the Goetheanum Adult Education Course will you receive a letter of acceptance with a form in which you can hand in your possible contribution to the colloquium.

The colloquium shall allow that we can share and hear the core questions in anthroposophic adult education and the interests, experiences and current challenges in teaching the themes of development and karma: what approaches or methods have been successful and what obstacles have you come across?

For further Information please contact:

Edda Nehmiz /// /// 0041 61 706 44 14