Visits for professional groups

Welcome to the Goetheanum!

You are active in the field of education and want to learn more about Waldorf education? Want to ask your questions? Want to learn more about the sources of Waldorf education, deepen your knowledge base? You would like to know which projects are currently being carried out or planned by the pedagogical section?

We offer visits to the Goetheanum for students from teacher trainings, teaching staff, interested persons from kindergartens and schools, graduating classes, students and others.

The programme can be arranged according to your individual preferences.

Some suggestions:

- Guided tours in and around the Goetheanum (eg Red Window, Great Hall, exhibition room, model of the first Goetheanum, “Hochatelier”, the exterior and gardens, architectural tour, Rudolf Steiner Archive)

- Discussions with section leaders, board members or employees (also possible on specific educational topics)

- visit of events (event calendar)

- integration of artistic courses (for example, painting, sculpturing, eurythmy, singing, speech formation)

- Use of seminar rooms for your own work

- assistance with accommodation search

- cooperation with friendly institutions (for example Klinik Arlesheim)

- and much more...

Contact: Katharina Stemann and Dorothee Prange, +41 (0)61 706 43 -73, katharina.stemann(at)