Cooperative Support

An integral part of a teacher’s professional life is his preparation for the lessons, the factual as well as the inner work. Everybody has to look for and find his own way. This task is creative but may also entail some pressure - depending on circumstances. Imagine the situation of a new colleague at a young school. A lot of tasks beset this colleague, who not only has to build up his school but also his own teaching style, particularly in non European countries facing difficult economic conditions. It is easy to imagine in this case that cooperative support to tackle the daily challenges of education is helpful and necessary.

Thus, three years ago all these questions gave rise to the project of cooperative support, in collaboration withe the IAO (International Association for Waldorf Pedagogy in Middle- and Eastern Europe and Far Eastern countries ) and the Friends of Waldorf Education.

How do you shape your lessons? How do you deal with the often rigid conditions of the state system? Support is also provided for the work in conferences, parents-teacher’s evenings or in case of language problems - if for example three different mother tongues are represented in one classroom - in short, colleagues try to help in all matters of daily school life. This is an inspiring but also demanding task for colleagues. 

Based of experiences we have already made we want to continue and extend the project. Existing cooperative support of schools will go on as long as it proves helpful for the schools. For new cooperations we will need more colleagues to support us. Apart from class teachers, a few upper class teachers and educators have shown interest in this kind of work.

Should any colleague feel called upon and see the possibility to join this project, we kindly ask you to contact us.

The following skills are required for this task:

1. a rich experience in the art of teaching

2. a serving attitude as well as social skills

3. fluent command of English - apart from your native language

Schools planning to benefit from cooperative support can also get in touch with us. We will do our best to help within the framework of the project.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Here is a list of colleagues who have been working for this project since 2016 in the following countries: Max van der Made (Philippines), Anders Hoier (Slovenia), Christoph Jaffke (Mexico), Roland Steinemann (India)