About us

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Pedagogical Section!

The Pedagogical Section is part of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum and is connected to all educational centres which work on the basis of anthroposophy. 

What are our tasks? The task of the Pedagogical Section are educational research and the support of anthroposophically inspired pedagogy. One of the most important aims of the Section is to stimulate a renewal of education out of its original sources in support of and in dialogue with educators active in Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner kindergartens, schools other institutions world wide.

Activities of the Pedagogical Section:

  • Independent and self-directed research and development of anthroposophical pedagogy

  • Co-operation with other researchers

  • Establishing contacts with representatives of other educational approaches

  • Organising and running conferences, seminars and colloquia both at the Goetheanum and elsewhere

  • Participation in inter-school activities

  • Visiting schools, working with colleagues

  • Giving lectures

  • Publishing papers such as the Journal of the Section

  • International cooperation with other Section working groups and international bodies

  • and much more…

The income of the Section is based essentially on donations from institutions. German Waldorf schools and the Association of German Waldorf Schools contribute a major portion of this funding. Further income comes from individual schools and associations around the world. Other donations are received for the Section generally and in support of specific projects. 

A small portion of income is generated by conferences lecture fees and seminars.