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11. World Teachers' Conference

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Teachers and educators from all over the world will meet again at the Goetheanum in 2023.

Next year the World Teachers' Conference will take place for the 11th time at the Goetheanum in Dornach. The theme of the conference for teachers and educators from all over the world this time is: «Affirming - Nurturing - Trusting, an Education for Today and Tomorrow».

Children, young people and adults need inner strength, health and resilience. They need intellectual, emotional and social skills to understand and accept the earth, themselves and their fellow human beings. What can we renew in our educational practice to develop what is needed to live together?

For over a hundred years, educators have been calling for educational practice to be shaped from the recognition of the child. Intellectual learning and standardised methods continue to unilaterally determine everyday teaching.

«We want you to be»

The physical and emotional development becomes unbalanced, the own body becomes a foreign body. The unreflective use of digital media and the increasing lack of movement and contact reinforce these phenomena.

Thus, the present calls for affirming life, nurturing it and having trust. We want to help children and young people experience: «We want you to be. We have not yet planned the future. We want to help make the future possible by seeing and nurturing the never-before in you.»


Date: 10 - 15 April 2023

Lectures in: German, English, Spanish and other languages

Conference place: Goetheanum, Rüttiweg 45, 4143 Dornach, Switzerland


More information to follow.

A World-Teachers'-Conference-Poster.We look forward to seeing you!