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«The World is our Classroom»

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Dear colleagues worldwide, We would like to invite you to join an initiative of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum.

All of us as institutions, families, teachers and especially children and young people, have been confronted with the pandemic situation in schools. Everyone experienced new, unprecedented situations, and for many, it was a considerable overload. 

School, the place dedicated to the becoming of each child and young person, was entirely or partially closed in many countries. It was challenging to maintain motivation, enthusiasm, and the teaching dynamic with distance learning and the constantly changing circumstances.

Our proposal: if distance learning is to take place, let's use it to broaden our horizons, let students experience the richness of the different cultures, and other perspectives on the same subject.

This is how the 'World Classroom' initiative was born.

We are looking forward to it, join us!

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