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The Human Being as a Swing of the Pendulum – On the Task of Developing a New Relationship to the Nature of the Body

Created by Claus-Peter Röh | |   News
The World Teachers’ Conference 2023 will put the question of the nature of the body in the centre of its work.

The International Forum of the Waldorf School Movement, with its responsibility for finding a theme, was looking at current events and future perspectives: although Waldorf education, from its founding, has the goal of addressing “the whole person” through education, today the question needs to be raised whether our understanding of the bodily development has been sufficiently transformed and renewed in the past 101 years.  Moreover, in the encounter with the present Corona virus crisis the challenge has emerged of meeting the mechanistic-external understanding of the physical processes with a holistic view of the human being that includes soul and spiritual processes.

See: Journal No. 69, p. 4