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Emergency Situation in Ukraine

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We are shocked to hear the news of the war in Ukraine, of destruction, hatred and fear, of the traumatic experiences of many parents and children.

All of us in the Goetheanum’s Education Section would like to express our sympathy with all those affected. The Friends of Waldorf Education are coordinating a fundraising and aid campaign. «The Friends of Waldorf Education» have played an important role in building up Waldorf institutions in Eastern Europe. Now they are coordinating a fundraising and aid campaign for affected teachers, parents and children, and for the restoration of schools and kindergartens. For more details please visit the website of «The Friends of Waldorf Education».

The association of Waldorf Schools in Germany (Bund der freien Waldorfschulen in Deutschland) has set up a platform where helpers and those in need of help can contact each other.

We kindly ask you to consider if you can contribute to these endeavours.

One of the basic concerns of Waldorf education is to promote social understanding, tolerance, sensitivity for the individual, regardless of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. This concern seems more important today than ever before.