World Teachers' Conference - Call for Proposals

Invitation to collaborate - call for proposals!

"The Battle for Intelligence: Mind the gap!" - this will be the theme of the 11th World Teachers' Conference held from April 18 – 23, 2022 at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

How can intelligence be developed out of the whole person? While the body and sensory experiences have traditionally been given little or no consideration in the development of intelligence, Waldorf Education is concerned with placing them at the centre: Movement, handicrafts and sensory experiences should awaken the intelligence, accompany its development and in this way enable a differentiated, sensitive understanding of oneself and the world. This conference aims to stimulate a deeper understanding of the connection between intelligence, body and cosmos and to deal intensively with methodological-didactic questions related to it.

Three aspects are to be given special consideration:

The reductionist view of man

How can we cultivate new approaches to a holistic understanding of the human being or to physicality through a living anthroposophical research culture, which can prove fruitful in educational practice?

Digital learning

How do we create a healthy use of digital media? Which creative methodical ways are to be developed? What qualities does human intelligence possess, which has developed in connection with the whole body or corporeality and with concrete sensory experiences? What are the pedagogically relevant aspects of artificial intelligence?

Environmental crisis/climate change

How does physicality connect with the environment?  What kind of education promotes the development of an intelligence that does not destroy one's own body and nature, but has a healthy effect on them? Which forms of cooperation of kindergartens and schools can be created and developed with the ecological movement?

We would like to come together in a worldwide exchange and a good cooperation with all those involved in Waldorf/Steiner schools and kindergartens and invite you to participate in the preparation of the conference. 

In the following form you can suggest a colleague or yourself as leader of a workshop, a discussion group or recommend yourself or anybody else for any other contribution (lecture, field report, exhibition, written contribution).  Your recommendation will then be discussed internally. Not all suggestions can be considered for the conference, but you will receive feedback as soon as possible. The deadline for submissions is 1 November 2020.

Warm greetings from the preparatory group of the International Forum for Waldorf/Steiner Education

Invitation to Collaborate

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