Waldorf 100 International Research Working Days

15.07.2019 - 19.07.2019

Organizer: Tamara Henke

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Waldorf 100 International Research Working Days

Waldorf High Schools

The search for oneself through the encounter with the other


In accordance with the celebration of 100 years of Waldorf pedagogy in the world, we have generated a space on one of the edges of the planet to investigate and recreate the areas of work with young people around the following questions:

Which are the social impulses that lead us to the future?

How does a young person live today among different cultures?

How do we present the world to our young people, fragmented or integrated?

How do young people go about the development of their individuality in a globalized world?

How to awaken the individual path of the young people?

In Latin American land, since 2009, the colleagues of Waldorf secondary schools have dynamic and experiential meetings twice a year in Buenos Aires, inspired by the need for continuous self-training, based on the development of the conscious soul.

July 2019 will find us all around the world vibrating with the celebration, that is why we open and extend the invitation to all those who feel summoned to come together from each place, from each reality with their questions to exchange and search together to advance towards that ideal that transcends us.

We want to join the challenge of carrying out research processes in which we can come together with colleagues with previous and interdisciplinary work. We want to appeal to all available means, to keep in contact with each other through the ideas that are gathering us. We want to invite teachers around the world to generate research groups and to join from a local exchange to this onflow.

As a result of this work, the presentations of the morning will emerge. Then, there will be a study space in groups, which will delve into the pedagogical theme presented.

Another of the spaces will be the work of the interior path of the teacher, in a practice that we will carry out together, which tends towards inner quietness and self-knowledge. For this, there will be different options to exercise among those who share the same path.

There will then be open spaces for different work proposals, in which contents or topics of transversal and interdisciplinary nature will be deepened through questions and exposition of open classes.

The idea behind the whole meeting is to generate active spaces of exchange, living spaces of research arising from our work in the classroom with young people.

The languages ​​in which the different spaces will be developed will be: Spanish and English.

For questions or proposals contact: waldorf100.buenosaires(at)gmail.com

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