Waldorf 100 Centenary Conference 'The First Teachers Course'

The First Teachers Course 1919 in 2019

Centenary conference July 6-14, 2019 at the Goetheanum, Dornach/ Schwitzerland

In English/ German/ Spanish


From July 6th to 14th, 2019 The Pedagogical Section is reviving the 'The First Teachers Course' of the first Waldorf school which took place in 1919.

9 days at the Goetheanum during the Centenary “Waldorf 100”

We warmly welcome you all to experience the complete 1919 course for this unique anniversary!

In the first teacher education course Rudolf Steiner laid the foundations for the Waldorf/Steiner schools. And what a strong foundation this is!

In lectures, discussion groups and artistic workshops we will work with the notes taken by the participants in 1919 which led to the publications of „The Foundations of Human Experience“, „Practical Advice to Teachers“ and „Discussions with Teachers“.

The anniversary conference is structured as follows: eurythmic prelude, lectures by experts and working groups followed by a plenary session, closely focused on the course days. All three parts of the conference will include artistic work, in order to pick up on the content of the course according to the situation.

The working groups work on the course days with a view to the historical, what has been said and what does that mean for us today. What are the future working and research topics that will result from this? What is important for our schools, our students? How do we draw the future from this foundation? Each group freely chooses its own form of work. The content and the participants themselves determine the form of their work. The conference topics can register on site for the respective working group in their language.

In this way we will find new approaches to the foundations of the Waldorf/Steiner schools and revitalize them. We hope that this special 2019 conference will serve as a strong impulse for the future.

The conference will be based on a special edition of the 'The First Teachers Course'. The three parts of the course have been newly edited and chronologically arranged and will be published to coincide with the Waldorf Centenary.

We are looking forward to celebrate this special publication with you.


Conference fee CHF 550 including all meals (without breakfast)

Group accommodation CHF 160

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