Youth Financial Literacy

Research Colloquium of the Pedagogical Section and the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum

Since the financial crisis of 2008 many governmental organisations worldwide set up research programs about the subject ‘financial literacy’, the results of which find their way more and more into the current education system. However, they are based on a mechanistic and materialistic understanding of the human being and economic life. Is it possible to set against this development an understanding of financial literacy that is based on the method and insights of spiritual science? What can such an understanding contribute to the development of the free human being?

Florian Osswald from Pedagogical Section and Fionn Meier from the Economics Conference invite for the research project 

Main research subjects:

• How to teach the basics of money and finance

• What are the key elements of financial literacy

• The meaning of double-entry bookkeeping (bookkeeping = money, Rudolf Steiner, GA 340)

• Age appropriateness: At which age to teach which financial concepts and competences

• The contribution to numeracy

• The role of specific subjects (geography, history, mathematics, etc.)

• Student companies

• Teacher education


We aim to work on the above-mentioned research questions based on the pedagogical, sociological and economic ideas of Rudolf Steiner and a genuine interest into current affairs and today’s global and individual challenges. For this, 1-2 research colloquiums will take place each year where people who are actively working on these subjects can meet and inspire each other and thereby deepen their knowledge.


At the end of the research project, the aim is to collect the main results and insights into a publication of the Pedagogical Section. Further, it is hoped that the participating teachers will work with their new insights in their schools and that the teaching associations in the different countries will raise the awareness of this work among the schools of their region.

First Research Colloquium 2020:

Saturday, October 17, 2020
9:30AM – 4:00PM
Place: Goetheanum, Switzerland

The colloquium is by invitation. To express an interest or to ask questions please send an email to: