International conference on Waldorf education and Anthroposophic Medicine

26 to 29 October 2019, Goetheanum

International conference on Waldorf education and Anthroposophic Medicine

"Supporting learning as the interaction of soul and physical forces"

Interdisciplinary advanced training in education and medicine for teachers, learning support teachers, school physicians, paediatricians, general practitioners and therapists

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Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

Many pupils in lower and middle school can benefit today from learning support and medical care where the development of the interaction between soul and body is concerned. This thematic and far-reaching overlap is the reason why the Pedagogical and Medical Sections wish to organise the conference jointly this year. We also do so in memory of the death eighty years ago of the first Waldorf school physician Eugen Kolisko in London on 29 November 1939 from a heart attack. The central impulse of his destiny was the collaboration between physicians and teachers in the service of the developing child. At the same time we are pleased that through this jointly organised conference our Sections can make a contribution to the Waldorf 100 anniversary.

This year we want to give practical expression to the collaboration between teachers, learning support teachers and school physicians – and that in turn includes paediatricians and general practitioners – with their initiative and together look at "interfaces", indeed the close connections between the astral soul forces and etheric physical forces in the development of the child. The interaction between soul and physical processes is of crucial importance for the process of learning: where the forces of memory, for example, are addressed particularly strongly, or where they are addressed hardly at all, direct physical effects can be seen in pallor or redness which then in turn have a reciprocal effect on the soul entity. Perceiving this interplay in the young person demands of us inner activity and a thinking that corresponds to such animation, requires trained competence and a continuous exchange of experiences.

The introductory presentations will be followed by groups for interdisciplinary discussion so that we can take away with us from one another as many ideas and extending thoughts as possible. Other workshops will form an arc from deepening the content through topics of support practice to artistic activities. We look forward to our work together!

For the preparatory group

Matthias Girke, Florian Osswald, Claus-Peter Röh, Georg Soldner

Leadership of the Medical and Pedagogical Sections at the Goetheanum