Teacher training and professional development

In many countries with Waldorf schools there are training opportunities for Waldorf teachers. The forms these training take vary from country to country. These range from state recognised full time programmes to part time courses attached to schools. There is also a range of specialist subject teacher training programmes, some of which are also part time. Recently several opportunities for distance learning have been established.

It is also possible in most countries to train as a kindergarten teacher and even in some cases courses for carers of very young children exist.

The following directory of the kindergartens and teacher training centers (see also Waldorf World List) may be helpful:



Film about the studies at the Goetheanum

Introduction to the unique Study Programm at the Goetheanum. In an international group do students have the possibility to find their individual true meaning in the world through deepening their understanding in philosophy, finding alternative dealings with the contradictions of our times, getting in a clearer understanding about themselves through relating/interacting in the world. Anthroposophy helps to find the right questions to ask in order to find who one truly is.