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Guidelines for Steiner Teacher Education

The overall aims of this project are:
• to ensure there is sufficient consistent and high-quality teacher education  to support the need of Steiner educational initiatives for well-trained and well-supported teachers
• to develop guidelines that will help ensure quality, equivalency, validity and reliability across teacher education internationally
• that these guidelines be culturally inclusive and appropriate, that they actively encourage diversity and respect for others, align with an anthroposophical worldview, are research based, seek partnerships and alliances with others, are professional and have contemporary relevance.

Compiled by the International Teacher Education Project in dialogue with teacher educators practising throughout the world; Produced by the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland; Editors: Neil Boland and Jon McAlice

Guidelines 2021 PDF

  • English 2021 (Guidelines_for_Steiner_Teacher_Education_EN.pdf) (460 KB)
  • português 2021 (A_caminho_da_criatividade_p_edagoìgica_ITEP_16MAR21.pdf) (768 KB)